A Father for Christmas by Rachelle Ayala

A Father for Christmas

By Rachelle Ayala

  • Release Date: 2015-07-15
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
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Single mother Kelly Kennedy can't afford lavish gifts for her four-year-old daughter, Bree. Homeless veteran Tyler Manning doesn't believe he deserves a Merry Christmas. 

When Bree asks Santa for a father and picks Tyler, both Tyler and Kelly vow to keep Bree from being hurt while fighting their feelings for each other. 

Tyler struggles with frightening flashbacks that scare Kelly. Meanwhile, Kelly's criminal past threatens her chance for happiness.

Tyler and Kelly must believe in the power of love to give Bree her best Christmas ever.

A Veteran's Christmas Series:
Book #1: A Father for Christmas
Book #2: A Pet for Christmas
Book #3: A Wedding for Christmas


  • Deals with reality of PTSD.

    By chlfamily
    The cover kind of makes this look like a sweet, fluffy story. It is anything but that. The story deals with PTSD in a very realistic way. Rachelle Ayalla doesn't make it something that can be easily "fixed". I'm grateful for that because my husband has PTSD and we struggle with it every day. In the book Tyler feels unworthy of love because of what he did in the name of war. Kelly starts out with a lot of automatic judgement of the homeless vet, so it's difficult when her young daughter decided Tyler is the father she wants for Christmas. Can she get past all that and give in to love?
  • Touching Story

    By Frances HG
    This story deals with PTSD. The love interest is a homeless veteran, Tyler. The other part of the romance is Bree and her mother, Kelly. The book is the first book in a trilogy. I actually read the last book first, (that book was my discovery of this author, if I am remembering correctly). In my opinion you should read this in the order it was written. The author has other series where it doesn't matter, (some in which Bree makes an appearance), this trilogy is better read in order. I have to confess that Kelly is not my favorite character. In real life she would be the friend I keep because I like her family. She is very judgmental but that is her personality and I am happy that the author lets that trait be. None of are perfect. Sometimes, in books, or movies, the character traits are sugar coated when they are negative. I appreciate the author holding true to Kelly even though it makes it difficult to like her. Bree is adorable! She is who falls in love first and she is who you are really rooting for in this story. Tyler, has some very real issues going on. My son was sent to Iraq during the beginning of the war. He now suffers from PTSD along with some physical issues. It is a rough road filled with sadness. We have not done enough for our returning heroes, though we are improving. I was pleased that the author portrayed this accurately. My son is not homeless but he has a lot of support in his life. Without his wife, daughters and the rest of us, he could easily be Tyler. In listening to this story I thought a lot about my son and his family and did make comparisons. I think we all do when we read a story that is close to our real lives. I don't like Kelly that much but she is a strong woman and it takes a strong personality to handle everything that goes with loving someone with PTSD. Please keep that in mind when you read this story. You will probably want to slap Kelly at time, Tyler too to be honest, and may become frustrated with her. I don't want you to get so frustrated you give up the story. The story is a touching one. Both adults have issues and a past. I don't want to give away the story so I'm not going into details. You will discover them as you read. It does make for conflicts and a need for understanding and forgiveness. I thought the narrator was good. I have heard better ones but she did a good job. I didn't go to sleep on her. Lol. This was the first time I heard her read. I would listen to her again. She does vary her tone and did well with Bree.
  • an absolutely breathtaking love story

    By shadowplay4u
    This is one story that takes the harsh reality of life and its consequences and shows them for what they are while at the same time mixing in a healthy amount of love, understanding, and dedication to prove that there really is good in the world for everyone. The end result is a beautiful tale of how two broken and hurting people can find solace and love within the safe haven of each other. They just needed to find the courage to reach out and take hold of the incredible opportunity of wholeness and strength that was being offered to them. Kelly knows she made a huge mistake in her not so distant past, but she made it with the best intentions in mind. Even though she knows that doesn’t justify what she did, in her heart she knows she is not a hardened criminal. She is a person who knew the consequences involved, paid those consequences and more, and now just wants to provide for her family. She is content to live a quiet yet fulfilled life taking care of the ones she loves. When Tyler Manning comes barging into her life in a very personal yet rough way, Kelly’s world is tiled on its axis enough to realize that she actually does want more out of life. She wants to feel that she is making a difference especially in her young daughter’s life, and perhaps the needs and desires that she has put on the backburner as unnecessary may not take no for an answer any longer. The problem she faces is trying to figure out how to deal with her daughter’s only Christmas wish this year – a father. Will she take this leap of faith and grab hold of the changes that Tyler promises to bring to her life, or will she shake him off and turn away awhile allowing her heart to completely turn to stone? Seeing how the tough topics covered in this story were handled with such care and a healthy dose of love and respect really made my heart soar. These are such heavy yet immensely important subjects that need to be dealt with, and they were addressed with such finesse that my heart really broke for these characters. I could feel the pain and suffering that they had endured and continued to endure. Finding the perfect shelter in each other provided for an absolutely breathtaking love story. I honestly don’t think it could have been any better! Rachelle Ayala is a phenomenal author who has turned my world upside-down. I have only just discovered her, but I plan on delving much deeper into her treasure trove of amazing literary creations. She has completely entranced me with her passion for writing stories that not only touch your heart but impact your soul by leaving an intense lasting impression. I feel as if she has only barely scratched the depth of her heart, but there is no denying that she pours her soul into each of her stories. I can’t wait to read more from her!
  • Start of a Wonderful Series

    By NickiC61
    I love when a series of books is started. I do love falling in love with characters in a book and then finding them again in a sequel. In A Father for Christmas, we are first introduced to Kelly, her young daughter Bree and Tyler. There is nothing like opening a book with a scene in a crowded mall and a lost child at the holidays. Even living in a small town, the mall gets too crowded between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Small children have minds of their own and seldom do those minds include wanting to wait for anything. As Kelly finds Bree via the mall security cameras, Bree is with a homeless man. Kelly, assumes the worst and hurries to pull her daughter from the man. She finds out later Tyler is a decorated veteran and, while homeless, not a threat to her daughter. The relationship between Kelly and Tyler is woven throughout the book and includes many ups and downs. The book left me wondering what happens in the future with Kelly, Tyler and Bree.